Livio Bisterzo: An Ethically and Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneur

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Hippeas is an all-natural snack that’s easy on the calories but full on the flavor! Made primarily out of chickpeas, Hippeas offers a far better alternative to greasy snack foods. These organic chickpea puffs are vegan, kosher and gluten free. This healthy snack is available in different flavors like Far Out Fajita and Sweet & Smokin. Healthy and tasty is the motto of this snack!
The organic health food market is crowded. While many health foods can improve one’s lifestyle, few snacks offer the socially conscious message that Hippeas does. That’s where Hippeas stands out among the rest. The bright yellow packaging offers a peek to what Hippeas wants to accomplish. Hippeas aims to convince millennials that one can eat healthy snacks and give back. A pun on the word “hippies”, Hippeas wants millennials to know that this snack is not only a feel-good healthy snack but an environmentally and ethically conscious one.
Hippeas works with Farm Africa to develop sustainable agricultural practices in Eastern Africa. Farmers are taught water conservation techniques which help decrease deforestation in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. The relationships between Farm Africa and farmers allows communities to become overcome poverty by providing much needed skills. Not many snacks can boast about that!
Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur living in the Los Angeles area. Fluent in both Italian and English, he received his BA Honors at the University of Arts London with a degree in Business and Management in Fashion. His portfolio is diverse as it is impressive. Livio first made his mark on the business world by creating a company focusing on events and occasions. He extended his efforts to other ventures like Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles. These brands are sold in over a dozen countries and have been featured by high profile magazines like Vanity Fair and Harpers.
Creating better foods is a passion of Livio. He aims to integrate how consumers be socially responsible with their purchases. By developing foods like Hippeas, Livio is leading his fellow entrepreneurs to develop environmentally and ethically conscious brands that are increasingly popular among younger consumers. The market has responded enthusiastically. To date, over 15,000 stores in North America and Europe will feature Hippeas on their shelves.

How Reputation Management Works

A crucial part of marketing is brand reputation. Brand reputation and crisis communication is a time-honored way of handling negative public situations. In order to be effective at marketing, you must maintain a good working relationship with the public. Brand reputation helps keep negative information from reaching a large amount of the population. When information exists that can harm a reputation, damage control must be done to push down negative search results. For popular artists, the fans help keep the negative information from becoming mainstream knowledge. Companies and corporations are not as fortunate, however. They have to hire professionals to help keep up their public image.The larger the company the more difficult it can become to keep up their image reputation. Some of the areas that online reputation management companies focus on include: damage control management, reviews of the company, brand image, social media, SEO optimization.These are the key factors in being able to control a companies reputation. We can explore how these practices can work to the benefit of the client.

SEO- Search engine optimization is important because it helps businesses to stay competitive on the internet.By having contact and relevant information readily available as one of the first results on the page will help drive traffic to the site as well as phone calls for more information and even in person visits.

Social Media- By using the largest social media platforms to advertise and make posts with attractive content you can effectively interact with your target audience and have more of a reach than ever before. You need to find the social media platform that is the best to represent your brand to be the most effective.

Brand Monitoring- Brand monitoring can help you know what people are saying about you on the internet and on social media. There are programs that can help monitor what is going on so that you do not waste your efforts where they will not be useful. If negative talk is floating around the internet you want to address it right away.

Reviews- Reviews will let you know how you are doing in the consumer market and if there is anything that you can do to improve your methods of dealing with customers.

Negative information PR- When your brand or company has negative information posted about them, it is important to bury negative search results under a bunch of other information. Steps can be taken to make the posts rank several pages down on the results where people will not easily see the information.

Companies such as Reputation Management Fixers are professional at dealing with reputation management. When conflict and negative information develop, they can bury the information and can get your reputation back to the way it was before the occurrence. Inquire about Reputation Management Fixers today and get you brand back on track.

They’re Magically Nutritious!

Let’s be honest. Due to all things that keep us idle, such as working in a cubicle from 9:00am to 5:00pm, to sitting on a couch from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, to going to sleep from 11:00pm to 6:00 am, many people lack the capacity to exercise. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to be healthy and physically fit. It simply means they don’t have enough time to burn off the calories they accumulate. The good news is there’s a solution to this dilemma by the name of NutriMost. NutriMost is a proven program that contours to the need of an individual. One thing many people in the gym tend to overlook is that weight loss can still be achieved without running 3 miles on a treadmill or insanely doing 500 push-ups a day. In fact, one’s diet is the most crucial part of losing weight. This is why many people at the gym can’t shed those pounds because they will go to Outback Steakhouse or Steak ‘N Shake shortly after working out.
Nutrimost is a proven program with proven results. Dr. Rob Vazquez of San Antonio lost 35 pounds in a matter of 40 days. Wow! This was all done in a simple five step process. The first step is to eat organic with Nutrimost. This can be done by purchasing organic products in your local food store or farmer’s market. Next, is to consume more vegetables and understand sugars. Vegetables are packed with nutrients and low in calories. Next, is to learn which foods help you lose weight and get a body consumption analysis. Doing so will ensure you achieve results similar to Dr. Vasquez.

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Duda Melzer Wants To Focus On His Lifelong Dream

Duda Melzer got named the CEO of RBS Group after his cousin Nelson stepped down to become a part of the board of directors, but Duda did not talk all about business when he gave the speech at his inauguration. He started talking about the lifelong dream that he has had for his company, and it is something that is a lot deeper than just being a CEO and being in control of a large business. Duda talked about how he has always bee fascinated with the way people connect.

He watched the company grow from a small business under his grandfather, and he has always thought about what it means to people when they connect. That human part of it is something that drives him to do better, and it makes him think about the very real people that are living in Brazil and need to have communications services. His company offers a lot of help that other companies do not, and he uses that human component to make people at his company feel like they are doing good work.

It is going to be hard to find someone in the industry who cares about people this much. RBS Group has to get better and improve, but they are going to be focused on people now that Duda Melzer is running the company.

His lifelong fantasy of helping all people connect is what will make Duda Melzer such a good leader. He talks about matters of the heart that people will have a hard time understanding if they are only focused on business, and he is going to create a place to work where other people can daydream about the same things. Connection and communication is growing in Brazil, but not with a touch of heart from Duda Melzer.

Secures press release against GTL

Securus is the best provider of justified technology solutions to the ordinary citizens and the people considered to have committed crimes. The services they provide are useful for investigation purposes follow-up and correcting whenever an issue comes up. In their recent press release, they made it known to the public that they were to give out reports, findings, and facts that show the wrong deeds that Global Tel Link company that done. GTL is a company that provides communication services to people who are in jails. According to Securus, this company did not practice the required level of integrity.
The CEO of the investigations company said that he loves the industry. Working with inmates, family or friends, law enforcement and the society was good. However, he was not pleased by the fact that, some companies had not met the required standards of integrity. He added that, their primary goal in the industry was giving out the best services to their clients and not just money making.
For secures to punish GTL, they will look into the wrongs done and announce them to the public. At least this will put them on the list of shame, which will then make them correct their mistakes and gain higher integrity level.
After some investigation by Lousiana PSC, this is what they found out;
Double charging of calls was done immediately after a call was made which is against the law. Instead of giving out the real bill, they were increasing the cost. GTL was also found guilty of setting or rather programming its telephones such that they would charge higher calling rates and not the authorized rates. On to top this, they could adjust their phone clocks, so that, after a call, they would automatically add a few seconds without notice to the original time used.

Securus Video Visitation – Kids from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Reputation Management Consultants May Save A Small Business


Search engines are very good for those who wish to access a large amount of traffic from would-be customers. Many customers try to find information about businesses before they patronize them. There is no mystery why steps such as these are taken. No customer wants to be burned by bad service.

As Business2Community reveals in an article, a failure to proactively maintain a good online reputation and properly deal with search engine results. Entrepreneurs and business owners must accept the responsibility of effectively managing their reputation and fix bad reviews. Anyone who does not put the effort into controlling the messaging on a reputation loses it to someone else. Good reviews carry a message and do so in a positive way.

The article clearly states bad reviews and other ruinous content online costs businesses money. Unfortunately, one bad review may be enough to scare others away from doing business with someone. The appearance of several bad reviews can sink a business.

Even if good reviews outnumber the bad ones, the negative prose could cause serious harm. If the bad reviews are proliferating in the search engines, then a business is in a lot of trouble. Those search engine results are not going to improve or change on their own. Anyone who thinks the problem will go away simply does not understand how search engine listings work. Nor do they understand just how much harm bad search engine listings can inflict on a business.

A few other additional interesting highlights are noted in the article. The article reveals no one can control what someone else says in a review or blog post. False statements are published just as easily as truthful ones. The source could be not only an out-of-control customer, but an employee with a grudge. All this content could end up having a global impact on a brand and benefit undeserving competitors. What you can do is find a proper online reputation repair service.

Small business owners positively must do what is required to fix my online reputation and do so very quickly. This is where the Search Fixers could be exceptionally helpful.

The Search Fixer helps clients out by doing online reputation management repair work. Bad press, reviews, and other articles are diminished through the consistent publishing of fresher, more positive content that can fix bad search results. The Search Fixers may take other steps to improve an online image.

The Business2Community articles points out 8 reputation management services small business owners must be aware of. Owners should familiarize themselves with these points and take action immediately.

Hall Capital Manager Helane Morrison is setting the standards of women in leadership

Helane Morrison portends that lacking accountability, integrity and regulatory compliance in the financial market kills trust and potential. Her background in journalism and later her law practice enables her to play a role that most Robin Hoods of Wall Street could not achieve and notably for the extended period that she has practiced. Shortly after her Juris Doctor, she joined US court of appeals as an intern, then joined Justice Blackmun, who remains her mentor, a stint that set Helane to proceed to 10 years of private practice before joining the SEC as a compliance officer in 1996.

She joined Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007 as a managing director, a position she is deputized and surrounding by women leadership hierarchy. Under her leadership, few see the firm as a feminist organization, but rather a symbol of women’s capacity to deliver at the very top. Hall Capital has a diverse workforce, and the recent capture of David Schofield from Brown University endowment symbolizes their commitment to diversity.

Unlike her peers, who found the revolving doors of government and private practice confusing, she kept her head straight bringing corrupt people down to earth at the SEC. During this impressive career, she dedicated her life to ensuring responsible leadership notably in financial markets. She prepared well for her role and always remained an antagonist approach to the modern wolves of the streets. She defended victims and represented their voice eloquently.

At Hall capital, Helane inspires every woman to achieve. She says that the environment she creates at the company is that of diversity. She says that just as in schools that the ratio of men to that of women is 50:50, a similar ratio can be replicated in careers.

When I look at her leadership before joining Hall capital, Morrison strikes me as the forthright moral champion, with an eye for social redress especially in the midst of treacherous and duplicitous business environment. She projects compliance proper something that clients like Hellman and Friedman says will attract more assets and set the organizational culture. Morrison rightly projects the nature of the environment when, under her leadership, Hall Capital focuses on building an ethical and trustworthy business practice. She targets endowments, which primarily protect interests of vulnerable societies, as a new frontier.

Currently, Hall Capital manages over $24Billion in assets and is setting an organizational environment that mirrors her previous career principles or moral and legal compliance. Under her leadership, Hall Capital has dedicated a research team supported by an able board that sees a bright future for the firm.
Visit crunchbase for Helane Morrison complete info.