Lovaganza: Movie Trilogy and Cultural Journey

The Lovaganza convoy is a three part movie trilogy set for release in the coming years. The first film “Follow Your Sunshine” will come out in 2018, the second film “The Prophecy” in 2019, and the third film “The New World” is set for release in 2020. The series focuses on a traveling show of performers that have found the secret to the key of happiness is to “following their sunshine”. They travel all around the world and everywhere that the sun takes them. A reporter becomes interested in this traveling show and starts to follow them around to learn their secrets. The reporter discovers that there is a hidden world with an evil entity called the “Invisible Hand”. This trilogy is sure to interest many and also takes place all over the world. Lovaganza films would be perfect for those who love to travel or are interested in different cultures around the world.

Lovaganza films are the mind work of French-Canadian director J.F. Gagnon and his wife Genevieve Gagnon who first started working on this trilogy in 2010. J.F. Gagnon is a multi-talented man whom lives with his wife and three children in Los Angeles, California. J.F. Gagnon is also a recording artist and has released two albums, one on label Sony Music in 1997, and another on Universal in 2007. He also composed the music for his short film “Untitled Lovaganza Project” which he is also credited as being the author of. He is the director and producer of the Lovaganza convoy movie trilogy.

What is unique about these films is they will be showed around the world in traveling theaters as well as in regular movie theaters in both 2D and 3D. They are also filmed in many different locations all around the world. The camera follows this traveling show of performs everywhere under the sun they travel to. Lovaganza films are a lovely blend of all cultures around the world. Eight different locations around the world will be used to show these films in varies mediums including an old school traveling theater. They are a celebration of all of our difference, but also the common ground most people share. These films are a fantastic journey that you won’t want to miss.

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Investment Banking for a Better Portfolio

Economy is simply the buying and selling of goods or services. In order for a company/business to make monetary gains, they’ll need to sell more of their products tan what they’re producing. This creates supply and demand, but if you want to go out of business, just produce more products than what you actually sell. It’s basic math either way you look at it. Investment Banking is a business strategy that includes services of exchanging stocks and bonds, marketing, underwriting, and advertising. This exclusive financial program is designed for businesses to obtain the necessary capital while expanding investment portfolios. Good investment banking practices offer innovative financial solutions, provide quality guidance, asset managing solutions, purchases, advice in mergers, financial and economic expert advice.

These business solutions are progressive remedies for business, individual, and government bodies. Great investment bankers works with the clients and base their programs on the clients specific needs. These bankers prepare important paperwork and efficiently raise money. Proper investment banking can keep a business “out of the red” and primed for continuous growth. Other benefits of investment banking includes:

  • Acquisitions
  • Investing
  • Brokerage Services

When it comes to successful investment firms, Lustgarten Martin Investment Banking is one of the best in the business. Many of the firm’s clients have benefited greated from it’s advanced and innovative solutions. Bank President and (CEO) Martin Lustgarten has many years in the game and expertise has given the self titled firm as one of the top ranked investment firms in Florida. Lustgarten Martin Banking has a proven track record of success and has connections to many “plugs” that are located in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Panama. The firm also has closed on some of the largest financial offers over the past few years. Martin Lustgarten is the very definition of successful investment banking and his firm will continue with their high quality, innovative services well into the future.

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Nathaniel Ru Sweet Green

Opening a restaurant is a dream for many people. However, a lot of people also fail during this process. This is an industry that is highly competitive, and the margins are often slim. Nathaniel Ru had a dream to start a salad business called Sweet Green. Although it was difficult in the beginning, he knew that there was a large market for his products and his services. Over the long term, he invested in providing a great customer experience with a lot of great ingredients. This is one of the reasons that his business has grown so rapidly in recent years. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, he is a great example to follow.


Business Finances


Running a restaurant is a stressful endeavor. There are a lot of people who are looking to take the next step and open a business. However, it is important to have a financial foundation that will lead to success. Nathaniel Ru had a lot of money in the bank when he got started, and he was able to use this capital to take things to a new level quickly. With all of the work he has put into the business, it is no surprise that he is passionate about its direction. Instead of getting into a lot of debt, he grew the business slowly as the customer demand started to grow. Nathaniel Ru is a great business owner who has done a great job with Sweet Green.




One of the most important parts of running a business is adding value to customers. A lot of people in business are just looking to make a quick profit. However, the companies that are successful over time are the ones that look to make all of their customers happy with their products or services. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, this is a great way to get started. Opening a business requires a lot of hard work, and Nathaniel Ru has been able to do that with Sweet Green.


Market Changes


Another reason why Nathaniel Ru has had so much success is that he took advantage of changes within the market. He saw that the demand for healthy food was increasing rapidly. Over time, this is a great way to help customers with their goals in their life. If you want to start a business, you need to be prepared to work hard in the process. There are a lot of people who are looking for ways to start a restaurant based around healthy eating. However, few people have had the success that Nathaniel Ru has enjoyed over the past couple of years.

Todd Lubar’s Foundation

Todd Lubar is a successful entrepreneur and a loving father of two children who live in Bethesda Maryland. In the year 1995 he ventured into Real Estate Industry, He viewed things differently as an entrepreneur and wanted to help people, therefore making Real Estate and Finance his long term job. He became a loan inventor with Crestar Mortgage Corporation enabling him to have perfect knowledge about conservative Mortgage banking.

Todd Lubar spent a lot of time increasing his relation with financial planners, insurance agents and Real Estate agents that have good foundation towards business. He progressed in 1999 by obtaining the equity spot with Legacy Financial Group. Therefore, he was able to have the chance of enlarging his loaning proficiency to outer investors, broker loans and also loan direct Mortgage Bank. He later launched Legendary Properties, LLC in 2002 which is a residential development company. Real Estate community enables fast development of selling, rehabilitating and purchasing, he was able to create a good relationship with people.

In 2003 Lubar launched a Charter Funding First Magnus Financial Corporation, the biggest confidential mortgage corporation in the US. The attachment made him enlarge his business because he can easily access to the fortune of programs and merchandise. Todd Lubar Legendary Financial LLC is a profitable loaning foundation for both people and corporations, he used Legendary possessions and his personal assets to support the market debtors that are ignored by various outdated loaning corporation. He has also contributed to the 7000 dealings which enabled him to have the capacity to evaluate the danger of nearly all loan situation therefore making proper choices mainly on market circumstances.

In the year 2007 and 2008 Todd Lubar participated in different business such as commercial destruction, he gained huge deals with the biggest suppliers in the country. He also participated in Automotive Scrap metal recycling business which directed the corporation to trade in the community.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Talks About Her Career

Dr. Jennifer Walden has recently been named one of the top 24 best beauty surgeons in the United States. This has established her reputation as one of the most successful physicians in the entire United States. Dr. Walden trained in New York City with the best cosmetic surgeons which gave her the foundation for future success. After her training, she opened up her own practice in Manhattan which was among the top practices in the city. She would eventually move back to Austin, Texas in order to be close to her family. Along with being a surgeon, Dr. Walden is also an author who has made a number of appearances on television to talk about her occupation.


Prior to beginning her career as a surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden attended and completed medical school. While she was in medical school, she decided to pursue a career in cosmetic surgery. Since surgery is very demanding, she learned that it was important to develop a considerable amount of determination in order to succeed. As stated earlier, Dr Walden would begin her training in New York City in order to get the experience she needed to practice independently. Over the course of her training period, she would thrive and gain the expertise necessary to not only be a top surgeon, but also start her own practice. As a practicing physician, Dr. Walden would excel and establish herself as one of the best in her field.


As well as being a very successful physician, Dr. Walden is also a devoted mother. She currently has two sons. Dr. Walden spends lots of time with them and looks to provide them with a positive upbringing. After working in New York City for a number of years, she decided to relocate back to her hometown of Austin, Texas. This decision was made in order to have more support from family as well as giving her two sons a more family friendly environment to grow up in. Now that Dr. Walden is an established physician, she is also active in providing mentorship to aspiring physicians. On a regular basis, she talks to female pre med students who are looking to have a successful career. Dr. Walden gives them plenty of guidance so that they can get in better position to reach their goals.

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Dallas-based Bank Acquires New Jersey’s College Savings Bank

NexBank SSB, a popular financial institute based in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday announced that it had acquired College Savings Bank that is based in Princeton, New Jersey. While making the announcement, NexBank’s President and CEO stated that the acquisition would be a division complete with its current name, branding, and banking operations.

Background of the Institutions

College Savings Bank was established in 1987 and has since concentrated on college savings. NexBank SSB is owned by NexBank Capital Inc. The parent company is so diversified that it offers three different core business services- mortgage banking, investment banking, and commercial banking.

Having been founded in 1934, NexBank is today the 16th largest financial institution in Dallas. It had 89 employees working at three different locations as of June 2016. It ranks 266th in the country.

Officials did not release in-depth details when announcing its acquisition of College Savings Bank. However, experts predict that it will grow its status in both financial muscle and customer base.

The Bank’s Impressive Returns

The acquisition comes after NexBank’s impressive financial reports in the last couple of years. A March 2016 report indicated that the bank’s consolidated financial results were strong in the fourth quarter of 2015.

In 2015, the bank’s net income rose to $53.2 million from $25.6 million in 2014. It reported a 35% growth in Return on Average Equity (ROAE) in 2015 as compared to the 23% growth the previous year.

This represented the fourth straight year that the financial institution attained record highs in earnings, loans, assets and deposits.

Future Prospects and Expectations

The Chief Executive Officer at NexBank Capital, Inc, John Holt said that the bank had consistent earnings year after year. He added that these results were a reflection of the bank’s profitable and efficient platform.

The bank enjoys an impressive A-health rating and its money markets rates are double the national average. It promises to be the ultimate solution for business leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs and anyone in need of personalized banking experience.

A Look Into The Achievements And Structure Of Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall entered the law industry in 1999 and since then the company has embraced tremendous transformations that have placed it among well-structured firms in New Zealand and beyond. One of the reasons Cone Marshall is a unique law firm is because it specialized on estate and tax litigation, something no other law firm in the country had done before. Due to this exclusiveness, the firm experienced quick growth and developed a strong system that is backed by professionals trained on specific areas of law.

Currently, Cone Marshall enjoys support from clients who order their services from overseas. It has entered the global market and penetrated into the industry more than any other firm in New Zealand. One of the reasons Cone Marshall has grown within a short period of time is the structural adjustments the firm has made to its service delivery system.

They have adopted modern technology that assists in major processes that help clients to enjoy the support they need. Cone Marshall has automated the ordering system in a bid to eliminate tedious processes that would demand clients to present themselves physically. There is an online system that is designed with the most secure encryption systems and clients from different jurisdictions can receive support whenever they send their information to the firm.

Reliable management team
To steer the firm towards the attainment of success, Cone Marshall has been working with professionals who enjoy a strong background in law. One of the professionals celebrated for bringing notable changes to the firm is Karen Marshall, a renowned lawyer who has been in the law industry for at least 20 years. She, before joining the firm, worked in London at different firms and her area of specialization was commercial litigation.

In 2005 when Karen Marshall became part of Cone Marshall, the firm had many plans that lacked someone to push for their implementation. Karen Marshall brought the much needed support that would see Cone Marshall implement many key projects that are responsible for the growth that has been achieved so far.

Most importantly, Cone Marshall has been enjoying prudent leadership from Geoffrey Cone. He is an experienced lawyer who has explored cases of different nature and magnitude. Since 1980, Geoffrey Cone has been serving clients in different specialties and his skills at handling commercial litigation have enabled him to suggest great ideas that have helped in the management of Cone Marshall.

Nathaniel Ru’s Passion For Solving A Problem

In order to make it big as an entrepreneur, one has to have a lot of creativity as well as passion in order to move forward with a successful business. One thing that can be said about entrepreneurs is that very few of them succeed in what they are doing. The ones that do succeed are able to do so not because of luck, but because of an eye for opportunity that they have. This is one of the reasons that Sweetgreen has turned out to be so successful. Nathaniel has seen a problem and has decided that he has the knowledge and the will to solve the issue.


One thing that Nathaniel Ru is passionate about is health. He wants people to be able to live the healthiest life that they can. He understands that healthier people are also happier people. He wants to spread joy around. Among the things he does is make sure that the food that is sold at his fast food restaurant is filled with nutrients that will improve the health of the individual. To make things better, this is part of the fast food industry. That is another thing that makes Nathaniel Ru one of the more innovative thinkers in his generation.


Nathaniel’s knowledge and talents have taken him far. It also helped that he had a couple of others to help him in the creative process. They all believed in what they were doing to bring positive change into their community and eventually the world. With their creativity, passion and talents, they have been able to market their restaurant so that people will know about the restaurant and visit. They have also put together something that had a good reputation.


People have spread the word that Sweetgreen is one of the more healthy places to eat at. As more people have learned about Sweetgreen, they have visited this alternative restaurant in which they have seen and enjoyed some of the healthier options that were presented to them. They have also learned about finding the right kinds of foods that will make them feel better after eating.

Working with Wengie

In this tutorial, Wengie is showing us what her everyday makeup is like. Her main focus is for those who are looking for a quick look that does not require much time. Wengie calls on those who are just beginning to do their makeup and gives tips for an effortless look. The backdrop is extremely simple, which is perfect for filming so the viewer is not distracted by anything happening on behind her. The music that she is using, is very mellow which makes it a lot easier to watch the video and focus on the actual makeup. This would be something I could have on and do along with her, if thats what I chose to do. Her use of non-conventional methods is extremely helpful for those who are just beginning with their makeup. She is using products that are very easy to get a hold of. She is using her voice over to explain what products she is using, including her brushes. I especially love that she is explaining how she is applying to product and how her face should be to get the desired results. I like that the entire video is not complicated and allows me to grasp the manner in which she approaches how to do makeup. Usually a lot of gurus use a lot of product even when they do a “simple” look and she manages to really not use a lot of product and create a beautiful look. Wengie has managed to give us something that is realistic.

The Amazing Success of Town Residential

With only three years of service in the New York City area under their belt, Town Residential has opened up their tenth office. This is a huge milestone and something that not many other real estate companies can say, especially ones that are in New York City. The leaders at Town Residential have worked hard to make this a possibility.


While there is nothing better than having great customer service when you’re in the real estate business, Town Residential truly goes above and beyond for the clients that they serve. They make sure that they can get the best homes and properties for their clients so that they will be able to get exactly what they need out of the real estate process in New York City. The company is dedicated to all of the clients that they serve and to the various needs that they have in their real estate wishes.


When it comes to making things right, Town Residential has truly done so. They have worked to be able to promote their business while also making connections with people who hold the key to being successful in the city. There have been many times when Town Residential was only able to land a property because they knew someone that owned the property and with who they had worked in the past. They have been able to do a great job with their business because of the connections that they have made while they are in the business.


Town Residential is the main focus of the business and is the portion that they have worked to do their best to make better. This is is something that has taken a lot of work and a lot of effort on the part of the people who run Town Residential. It has been a major team effort but it has also resulted in the team seeing great results. They all work together to make sure that their clients’ needs are attended to and that they are able to get the most out of the real estate experience.


Even though Town Residential main focus is in residential properties, they have also done work in the commercial and even construction fields. While they do not like to be land developers, they have worked with some developers who are doing different things in the city. This has allowed them to become one of the best companies in the entire New York City area. They are a multi-functional real estate agency and they are able to help anyone with the needs that they have. These things have allowed them to be set apart from the traditional New York City real estate companies that normally crop up.