The Morning Routine for Wengie

Wengie has a routine that she carries out every morning prior to beginning her busy day. Initially, prior to exiting her bedside she summons her cat to catch a few extra winks and cuddles with it prior to the alarm going off. Once she departs from her bedroom, Wengie works on brushing her teeth followed by swishing around some mouthwash. Once completed with her teeth, some lip moisturizer is applied before heading to the kitchen. In the kitchen, Wengie looks to create a soup to eat for her morning breakfast. Soup stock in pulled from the pantry along with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, and avocado from the refrigerator. Wengie uses a microwaveable bowl to add the diced mushrooms, tomatoes, and stock and cooks the ingredients for two to three minutes dependent upon how soft one enjoys their veggies. Wengie tops off the soup with a bit of sliced avocado, fresh spinach, and seasoned to taste.


She ventures into the dining area and partakes in her soup while enjoying the view from her skyline apartment. Wengie recommends listening to a motivational video to get your day off to a good start, of note, offerings from Once breakfast is complete, the next item to complete in her morning routine is making up of her bed since her cat loves for it to be nice and tidy. Upon entering the bathroom, Wengie works on her face which includes applying a cooling toner to rid of all excess oils. She recommends SK-2 to message into one’s face and neck to attaining skin that is bouncing. Sunscreen is applied next and is a must daily to protect one from sunburn, namely where Wengie resides in Australia. She finishes up in the bathroom by using baby cream to her eyebrows, eye liner, and curling her eyelashes. Wengie likes to keep her outfit simple and comfortable. Her go to summer clothing is denim running shorts which she has worn for years along with a simple white t-shirt to stay completely cool throughout the day. Her look is finished off with a pair of Nike Air Max tennis shoes which keeps her feet from getting overly tired.

James Dondero responds to calls by Dallas Mayor and Police Chief

James Dondero is a very successful and respected businessman in the United States of America. James Dondero is currently based in Dallas, Texas and is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. In his weekly announcement, James revealed that his company had awarded a $ 1 million challenge grant that would be used to assist the Family Place in Dallas. This is the organization that helps victims of domestic violence. The move by Highland capital management will help The Family Place raise the final $2.8 million that it had set aside for the Legacy campaign. James made this announcement at a luncheon that was hosted at the Hilton Anatole.

This grant will be run through the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., which is a philanthropic arm of the Highland Capital Management. The arm aims at matching 50 % fund that will be raised by the capital campaign with a maximum limit of one million dollars. For instance, the $200,000 that the Family Place has raised for the legacy campaign since 4th October will be matched with $100,000 by the Highland campaign. The Family place aims at supporting the construction as well as the building of a counseling center in central Dallas that will cater for domestic violence victims. This is being done in honor of Ann Moody. The center has been designed by Corgan. The center which will be referred to as the Ann moody place. The building that will be constructed will aim to serve at least 2000 people annually.

This act of kindness by Highland Capital is in response to the pleas made by Dallas Mayor as well as the Dallas Police Chief David Brown to the community. They had requested the community to help solve this life threating issues within the area of Dallas. The already existing emergency shelter by the Family Place operates at full capacity. The newly constructed Moody place is also expected to accommodate the Be project. This is another project that takes care of violence prevention as well as bully prevention among teenagers. The facility also has an animal shelter for those people who cannot run away from domestic violence because of the fear of leaving their animals or pets behind.

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The Career Achievements Of James Dondero

Talk Fusion Executives Discuss Founding of Company

Talk Fusion, a company known for the successful creation of video communication software, recently held an event for business owners in the Tampa Bay area. The purpose of the event was for Talk Fusion executives to discuss the benefits of business creation and ways to avoid potential difficulties involved with the process. During the event, Talk Fusion’s founder, Bob Reina, gave an oral history of the company in hopes that a discussion about the beginnings of Talk Fusion would motivate potential business owners to begin their own journeys toward business ownership. Bob Reina discussed Talk Fusion’s humble beginnings and swift success and showed his empathy for the daily plight of small business owners.

Talk Fusion was initially created as an answer to Bob Reina’s problem. The executive explained that the idea for the company came to him after he experienced difficulties with emailing videos to his family members. Reina recalled his surprise at learning that no business had yet produced a solution to his problem. He then set out to create his own solution. Although Talk Fusion began as a company with a single video communication software product, it quickly expanded with the creation of several new products. Bob Reina described the process of building the company from inception to execution as a grueling yet rewarding process. The executive stated that his goal, in addition to the successful expansion of Talk Fusion’s influence, is to adequately prepare small business owners for their roles in the business world through the development of marketing products at Talk Fusion.

During the event hosted by Talk Fusion, Bob Reina made it clear that he considered himself equal to the thousands of small business owners operating in the United States. He briefly described his work history prior to the development of Talk Fusion. While working as a police officer for the local law enforcement station in the Tampa Bay area, Reina never thought that he would one day be in a position of leadership at a growing company. Reina used his personal story to convey a sense of hope and perseverance to the entrepreneurs who invested time in the Talk Fusion event.

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IT Connections: Innovative Solutions for Technology Industries

Focused on providing industry-leading information technology (IT) services, DIVERSANT is more than just an IT staffing agency. DIVERSANT believes in innovative solutions and transformative ideas to help its clients achieve their technology needs.

As an IT connection company, DIVERSANT matches skillful IT professionals with the requirements of large- and mid-market, as well as Fortune 500, companies. DIVERSANT helps its clients overcome challenges and develop a talent-based competitive advantage built around a diverse workforce.

DIVERSANT’s focus on client satisfaction enables the strengthening of professional relationships between clients and IT consultants. DIVERSANT makes reliable and stable connections for IT talent and the company looking for it. With qualified personnel, DIVERSANT provides support of the highest quality.

The success of a company is largely dependent on its IT team. DIVERSANT has proficient knowledge, experience, and ability to provide best-in-class services. Its consultative approach, ongoing support and expert insights enable it to take IT teams to higher standards.

DIVERSANT works with various industries and a wide range of technology roles. The marketplace is constantly changing and so do the needs of companies. Trust DIVERSANT to align IT staffing needs with skills required, ensuring expectations are surpassed, and present advantageous opportunities for recruited talents.

The fastest growing minority-owned IT staffing agency in the United States owes much of its success to one of the men behind it, Principal Executive John Goullet. An expert in information technology, John Goullet started as a computer consultant, then account manager, before founding an IT staffing company in 1994. Info Technologies thrived on Mr. Goullet’s understanding of the corporate climate and client needs. After years of growth, Info Technologies merged with Diversant Incorporated to form DIVERSANT LLC.

Principal Goullet is well-acquainted with changing market trends and is passionate about developing innovative ways to solve any challenges that come with these shifts, bringing about effective and enduring solutions. His visionary philosophy is based on comprehending the market and client needs, and matching the personality, work style, and skills of consultants to meet the client demands. As chairman of DIVERSANT, Goullet continues his devotion to enrichment in technology industries.

Ideas for Placing Wise Bets on College Football

Each time a college football season starts, a peak-betting season also kicks off. Most gamblers enter the season blindly, and their only goal is to win. Lack of a clear long-term plan built on strong philosophies results in slim chances of success. This excerpt gives you tips for betting wisely and thriving throughout the college football season.

1. Research thoroughly and remain rational

Before placing your bets, conduct an intensive research on it. Visit the various sports analyst sites that Internet has to offer. Remember, the possibility of utter shock exists in each contest. Even the soundest decision will hardly give you over 60 percent success. Therefore, you should be rational irrespective of the outcome of your prediction. Some preview will provide you with skewed stats of each team showing their rank in specific categories. Before you believe that a particular team has the best defense in the nation, thoroughly review the challengers against which the team has developed its resume.

2. Popularity against Prescience

Most individuals tend to place their bets on teams that have a high proportion of action. Betting sites have capitalized on this trend and made millions of dollars in profits. Always be confident and go against the common opinion. In fact, the greater the team’s backing, the higher your confidence in picking its opponent.

3. Focus on the other conferences

Major attention goes to the team that occupied the top five positions in the previous season. These teams occupy premier TV slots and attract huge following from the public. Therefore, you should mine the gold in untelevised games. Although an untelevised game might not offer the same delight as the televised ones, a payout will cater for that. is an ideal site for placing your bets on College Football odds. is a leading betting site owned by the Covers Media Group. Joe McDonald and Paul Lavers were responsible for unveiling back in 1995. It is a one-stop-shop for latest and reliable sports gaming information. It addresses the needs of bettors irrespective of their experience. has become a reputable, excellent, and entertaining source of facts and news about sports. gets over 45 million visitors per year, helping it to become the top betting site for placing bets on football odds. The site has Covers Expertise, a team of sports betting professionals that specializes in studying the numbers, stats, and intangibles to deliver high-quality sports information to the clients.

Seattle Genetics Plans to Grow and Expand Exponentially in the next Five Years

Many people’s lives have been touched by cancer in a variety of ways in the world today. Chances are, if you aren’t afflicted with the disease yourself that you may know someone who is. Cancer is one of the great killers of this era. Therefore, there has been much funding contributed to companies who research various therapies for treating the devastating disease. Seattle Genetics is one of these companies.

Seattle Genetics is a biotechnology company based in a suburb of Seattle that specializes in developing antibody-based therapies for the treatment of cancer. The company’s drive to commercialize its revolutionary cancer treatment therapies has led to them becoming the industry leader in antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

Since its founding in 1998, Seattle Genetics has underwent numerous financing rounds. Last year the company underwent its largest ever by a wide margin. During its historic financing round, Seattle Genetics took its then $480 million public stock offering and increased it by more than $70 by way of its over-allotment option.

According to Seattle Genetics CEO Clay Siegall, the amount of interest the company received from serious investors played a huge role in the company’s ability to increase its offering. Siegall also claimed the company planned to do more with the proceeds of its offering than just expanding the company. It also planned to use the proceeds to help further develop its drug pipeline, which in turn would help grow the application of its flagship cancer drug Adcetris.

All of the expansion and growth the company went through in 2015 had it busting at the seams. To make room for the growth Seattle Genetics began looking to startup other office locations besides its headquarters in Bothell, Washington, though the company planned to keep to stay in the suburban region and lease a place in Canyon Park area in Bothell. By 2020, the company expects to have an employee headcount of 1,300.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall is the co-founder and current CEO of biotechnology company Seattle Genetics. The scientist built Seattle Genetics on the bases of being one of the most innovative research and drug development practices that specifically focuses on helping cancer patients with top of the line therapies. Seattle Genetics has garnered much notoriety under the leadership of Clay Siegall since its creation.

Dangers of Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a disorder that has taken over many children, females, males, and elderly folks. It is a disorder that should not be joked about. Sometimes people can not sleep and need serious help.

In recent years, the key to helping repair those suffering from sleep apnea has become more clear. New research studies have found a connection between sleep apnea and other major diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and heart problems. There connections have forced scientists, doctors, and other researchers to study more and find a way to help cure patients with sleep apnea. This new research will hopefully advance the industry and help more sick people sleep better.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel of Dental Sleep Masters has been an industry leader trying to treat those suffering from sleep apnea. Just about 90% of people that are struggling with the condition don’t receive proper diagnosis. Knowing that this is an issue that needs to be solved quickly, Dr. Weisfogel and his team are hard at work.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has an extensive background in sleep disorders and sleep treatment. In 1999, he started at Old Bridge Dental Care which was recognized as one of the best dentists. In 2012, he started lecturing dentists on how to take care of sleeping patients. Weisfogel started to look into sleep through oral appliances. He has a BA in biology and psychology from Rutgers University.

The team is working on developing new methods and a new environment for primary and secondary care physicians to test and operate on sleep apnea. Shinning the light on new methods will help paint a bigger picture for how patients can receive better care.

The physicians and sleep physicians are teaming up with dentists to help combat the sleeping disorder. The disorder continues to grow year after year and will not solve itself. More environmental factors can impact sleep apnea so it is important for health professionals to stay focused and find a reliable cure. The dentists are able to experiment and note all different levels of sleep apnea when working with patients.

Clinical care will continue to change based on changes in technology. New technology can help patients as well as harm them depending on what they have to offer. Several patients have not responded well to old methods. So in with the new and out with the old. THN Sleep Therapy is a need method that has been approved by the FDA and is still in testing. More alternative treatments on the way.

Livio Bisterzo: An Ethically and Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneur

livio bisterzo hippeas four blocks

Hippeas is an all-natural snack that’s easy on the calories but full on the flavor! Made primarily out of chickpeas, Hippeas offers a far better alternative to greasy snack foods. These organic chickpea puffs are vegan, kosher and gluten free. This healthy snack is available in different flavors like Far Out Fajita and Sweet & Smokin. Healthy and tasty is the motto of this snack!
The organic health food market is crowded. While many health foods can improve one’s lifestyle, few snacks offer the socially conscious message that Hippeas does. That’s where Hippeas stands out among the rest. The bright yellow packaging offers a peek to what Hippeas wants to accomplish. Hippeas aims to convince millennials that one can eat healthy snacks and give back. A pun on the word “hippies”, Hippeas wants millennials to know that this snack is not only a feel-good healthy snack but an environmentally and ethically conscious one.
Hippeas works with Farm Africa to develop sustainable agricultural practices in Eastern Africa. Farmers are taught water conservation techniques which help decrease deforestation in countries like Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. The relationships between Farm Africa and farmers allows communities to become overcome poverty by providing much needed skills. Not many snacks can boast about that!
Livio Bisterzo is an entrepreneur living in the Los Angeles area. Fluent in both Italian and English, he received his BA Honors at the University of Arts London with a degree in Business and Management in Fashion. His portfolio is diverse as it is impressive. Livio first made his mark on the business world by creating a company focusing on events and occasions. He extended his efforts to other ventures like Kyoku for Men and Little Miracles. These brands are sold in over a dozen countries and have been featured by high profile magazines like Vanity Fair and Harpers.
Creating better foods is a passion of Livio. He aims to integrate how consumers be socially responsible with their purchases. By developing foods like Hippeas, Livio is leading his fellow entrepreneurs to develop environmentally and ethically conscious brands that are increasingly popular among younger consumers. The market has responded enthusiastically. To date, over 15,000 stores in North America and Europe will feature Hippeas on their shelves.

How Reputation Management Works

A crucial part of marketing is brand reputation. Brand reputation and crisis communication is a time-honored way of handling negative public situations. In order to be effective at marketing, you must maintain a good working relationship with the public. Brand reputation helps keep negative information from reaching a large amount of the population. When information exists that can harm a reputation, damage control must be done to push down negative search results. For popular artists, the fans help keep the negative information from becoming mainstream knowledge. Companies and corporations are not as fortunate, however. They have to hire professionals to help keep up their public image.The larger the company the more difficult it can become to keep up their image reputation. Some of the areas that online reputation management companies focus on include: damage control management, reviews of the company, brand image, social media, SEO optimization.These are the key factors in being able to control a companies reputation. We can explore how these practices can work to the benefit of the client.

SEO- Search engine optimization is important because it helps businesses to stay competitive on the internet.By having contact and relevant information readily available as one of the first results on the page will help drive traffic to the site as well as phone calls for more information and even in person visits.

Social Media- By using the largest social media platforms to advertise and make posts with attractive content you can effectively interact with your target audience and have more of a reach than ever before. You need to find the social media platform that is the best to represent your brand to be the most effective.

Brand Monitoring- Brand monitoring can help you know what people are saying about you on the internet and on social media. There are programs that can help monitor what is going on so that you do not waste your efforts where they will not be useful. If negative talk is floating around the internet you want to address it right away.

Reviews- Reviews will let you know how you are doing in the consumer market and if there is anything that you can do to improve your methods of dealing with customers.

Negative information PR- When your brand or company has negative information posted about them, it is important to bury negative search results under a bunch of other information. Steps can be taken to make the posts rank several pages down on the results where people will not easily see the information.

Companies such as Reputation Management Fixers are professional at dealing with reputation management. When conflict and negative information develop, they can bury the information and can get your reputation back to the way it was before the occurrence. Inquire about Reputation Management Fixers today and get you brand back on track.

They’re Magically Nutritious!

Let’s be honest. Due to all things that keep us idle, such as working in a cubicle from 9:00am to 5:00pm, to sitting on a couch from 6:00pm to 10:00pm, to going to sleep from 11:00pm to 6:00 am, many people lack the capacity to exercise. However, this doesn’t mean they don’t want to be healthy and physically fit. It simply means they don’t have enough time to burn off the calories they accumulate. The good news is there’s a solution to this dilemma by the name of NutriMost. NutriMost is a proven program that contours to the need of an individual. One thing many people in the gym tend to overlook is that weight loss can still be achieved without running 3 miles on a treadmill or insanely doing 500 push-ups a day. In fact, one’s diet is the most crucial part of losing weight. This is why many people at the gym can’t shed those pounds because they will go to Outback Steakhouse or Steak ‘N Shake shortly after working out.
Nutrimost is a proven program with proven results. Dr. Rob Vazquez of San Antonio lost 35 pounds in a matter of 40 days. Wow! This was all done in a simple five step process. The first step is to eat organic with Nutrimost. This can be done by purchasing organic products in your local food store or farmer’s market. Next, is to consume more vegetables and understand sugars. Vegetables are packed with nutrients and low in calories. Next, is to learn which foods help you lose weight and get a body consumption analysis. Doing so will ensure you achieve results similar to Dr. Vasquez.

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